Rose quartz, sunstone and hematite


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Natural crystals:

Rose Quartz 6 mm- Rose quartz is a great healer. It confers gentleness and tenderness, helps heal emotional pain, encouraging forgiveness and enabling us to acquire confidence. It also teaches us to truly love ourselves. *

Sunstone 6 mm- Sunstone helps keep a young person’s feet on the ground and impart warmth, joy, good humor, and a zest for life. Sunstone can help eliminate the stress, fear, and anxiety. *

Hematite 2 mm- Hematite reduces stress and anxiety. It helps children to focus on himself. *

Metal: Stainless steel

It’s nickel-free – causes no allergic reactions!

* Source:

The group of five “A parent’s guide to crystals. Gemstones to support your child’s health and happiness.”