About us

Our company is engaged in retail and wholesale of jewellery and accessories.

Siselly.com has a range of silver jewellery, fashion accessories and semi-precious stones.

We use keywords such as classic, fashion, peculiarity, natural or with a little “twist”.

We consider it important to offer mainly jewellery and accessories that bring joy, beauty and radiance to everyday life.
Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm.

The Siselly brand is inspired by freedom, creativity, changes, soul, joy and colourfulness.

The Siselly jewellery and accessories are made based on these keywords.


SISELLY is a small and happy butterfly who wants to fly to the hearts of everyone to convey a message…
– Enjoy the freedom and the opportunities that life has given to you…
– Do not take life too seriously, but approach it creatively and playfully…
– Cheerfulness is like a secret key to a wonderful and colourful world…

Philosophies fall away like sand, and creeds follow one another like the withered leaves of Autumn; but what is beautiful is a joy for all seasons and a possession for all eternity.

– Oscar Wilde